The Oregon Science Project is an equity-focused, statewide professional learning network designed to build regional science education leadership throughout the state. 

The Oregon Science Project supports dozens of professional learning facilitators leading regional teacher professional development programs around the Next Generation Science Standards. The Oregon Science Project works in the historically underserved rural and semi-rural areas of Oregon.

Launched in 2016, the Oregon Science Project continues to expand teacher leadership and NGSS professional development opportunities throughout the rural and semirural regions of Oregon via the Learning Facilitator Pathway and Regional Teacher Collaboratives.  

The Learning Facilitator Pathway prepares K-12 educators with the experiences, curriculum, community, and facilitation tools needed to lead NGSS professional learning for other adults. It is designed for educators who are seeking new leadership roles in science education where they can contribute to and advocate for science education at the local and state level.

The Oregon Science Project also runs Regional Teacher Collaboratives to increase interdistrict communication and collaboration between administrators and amongst educators. These collaboratives are an opportunity for communities to work through specific problems of practice or identify previously overlooked mechanisms for change.  

This summer we are excited to announce the launch the of the two newest Oregon Science Project Sites: The Northwest Oregon Science Project and The Northeast Oregon Science Project. These two newest sites are focused on science in elementary as an equity lever for classrooms throughout the their regions.

Please use the contact form to get in touch about possibilities in your region.

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Oregon Science Project Partners

All Oregon Science Project efforts are made possible through partnerships with local and statewide organizations. 

Past Partners include:

Over 200 Educators From All Over Oregon


More About the Oregon Science Project

Cristina manages the day-to-day work of the Oregon Science Project including the development and maintenance of the professional learning curriculum for the 30 learning facilitators and their 200 educators. She brings over a decade of experience developing and designing professional learning partnerships with K-12 educators, universities, museums, and districts. Her academic and professional backgrounds in entomology and history of science provide her with a nature of science focused approach to the teaching and learning of science.